Why You Need To Factor SEO Into Your Website

Chances are, the first thing you do when you want to try a new product is to search for the best options on the internet. From there, search engines like Google or Bing will give a list of results specific to your intent. Meira Gebel explains that search engines are website aggregators— essentially, they look through the internet for content, and group together a catalog of websites by key terms.

This process is made possible through search engine optimization (SEO). The purpose of SEO is twofold: First, to help you understand what users are searching for and to produce content that can satisfy user intent; second, to assist you in designing a web page that search engines can find, index, and rank. With more and more consumers relying on the internet to navigate how they make their purchases, businesses today are using the platform to market themselves and need their website to rank high on search engines.

If you’re wondering whether your website needs to be using SEO, here are some of the reasons why it should.

To improve rankings

SEO is highly valuable in organic search. This refers to the unpaid, algorithm-driven results on a given search engine. Since these results can’t be bought or influenced by advertisers, Lindsay Boyajian reports that these websites are the ones search engines deem most relevant to the user’s search query.

As SEO practices are multifaceted, there are several routes to improve your website ranking. Initially, you can assess what your target audience responds to by tracking their behavior. The resulting content may do well, but to evaluate whether or not they are, you can look through metrics such as the number of visits to a blog post or service page, bounce rate, and the time spent on the page.

Additionally, you can also do link-building, which employs different strategies to get inbound links from another website. Quality goes a long way in promoting your credibility, so create valuable content that can earn your editorial links and backlinks in guest blog posts.

To drive more traffic

Renee June emphasizes every website’s objective is to increase the chances of making a sale, though this can prove challenging with the number of websites that are currently on the internet. By leveraging SEO strategies, you’re given opportunities to boost lead generation despite the steep competition. This is because reaching potential consumers, and subsequently securing them, is paramount to getting lots of traffic to your service or product pages.

Digital marketing specialists at Ayima highlight how performance SEO and analytics drive more traffic to your website. On top of ranking higher on search engines, your website will also have more keywords that emphasize user intent. By using keywords and topics that have a high monthly search volume, your website can be aligned with the search engine’s criteria for cataloging a user’s list of best results.

To start, you can look through your content. Evaluate each piece and determine what the intent is behind it. After, you can select keywords that match that specific intent and integrate them into your content.

To support niche marketing

By using the internet as an avenue to boost your business, you can steer your products towards even the most unique audience. SEO can provide you with a means through which you can analyze the level of specificity your keywords need to reach both your geographical market and your client base.

By using specific keywords, you can demonstrate familiarity with what your target audience finds interesting and shareable. Do remember that while your niche market’s topics and keywords may get less traffic than broader ones, Search Engine Land explains that these keywords lead to a better conversion. This is because someone already specifically triggered your website— which indicates established relevance, consequently driving more qualified traffic.

Adapting SEO strategies to your website will enable you to create relevant content that resounds with your audience and transforms them into potential customers. The time and effort you’ll be expending will definitely be worth it once you see your website as a top search engine result.

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Article written by Renee June exclusively for mylogo