Why Use Ez Information Management To Build Your Website?

Everything is connected

Everything is connected.

Your website connects your information to the people you serve.

How I Can Help

I enjoy the challenge of putting a website together that puts all the information in an order that communicates your business. 

I prefer to work with small entrepreneurs, non profit organizations, and local government offices where I can build a one-on-one relationship with someone who wants to grow their business or use the Internet to do a better job for those they serve.

One Click Away

You're probably just one click away from your next customer, not 50, 100, or a thousand miles away. We want your customer's next click to be for you.

Getting your business or organization's mission to the right people at the right time is why we want your next step ahead to be with a good, well-designed website.

To meet your changing business needs, we can be your experienced web designer with the right tools to allow you to keep your information current for your customers' next click.

How We Operate

Business Services

Business Services

Work with us to

  • Sell your organization, your products and services, and your location. 
  • Control  YOUR content that YOUR customers and clients need. 
  • Market. We work with your content to be sure that the search engines, like Google, find the keywords on your website that your potential customers used for searches.
You Are In Control

You Are In Control

We use Joomla because it is a modern content management system. You control when something is published, when it is removed, who can authorize it, and how you can archive the files for records security. If you or your employees can use a word processor, you can manage the website or we'll do it for you, if you like.

Requirements Driven

Requirements Driven

Some of our favorite questions:
  • What information do you really need to make available on a website?
  • How will a website affect your core business?
  • What will a website will do for your customers and why it might be important to them?
  • How does that help you?

What We Do

How are you providing information and services to your customers / clients now? 

  • What is the purpose of the website? 
  • What will your intended audience do on the website? 
  • What people will use the website? Where are they located? How many users do you expect to attract?
  • What information will you put on the website? How will you format that information? Will you make the website interactive?
  • Startup Budget. How much will you spend to create and launch the website?
  • Website hosting. What is your budget? A small website with a few visitors is inexpensive. A large website with many visitors requires much more capacity and expense.
  • Maintenance Budget. How much will you spend for maintenance? How often do you expect to update or change the site?
  • Advertising. Will you pay fees to promote your website? Google Adwords? Facebook ads?
  • Trademarks. Do you have any trademarks that will need to be used on your website? Is there a potential problem with another site with a similar domain name?
  • Website Name. Do you already have a domain name? If so, does it work well-not all domain names do. If not, what information should your website name convey to search engines and users?
  • Logo. Do you have a logo? Are you interested in obtaining a logo? Do you know a good graphics artist?
  • Competitors. What other websites are important to your success? Who are your competitors, and what is their website's address?
  • Look and Feel. Have you seen a feature on another website that you would like to incorporate into your website? If so, where?
  • Users. Who will use the site and why? In a sentence of no more than 25 words, how would you best describe your products/services to a potential customer?
  • Example Websites. What are the web addresses of some websites that might serve as models for your website?
  • Partner Websites. What sites will help you by having links that direct their customers to you? Who will you refer customers to? What services are related to yours?
Do you want a 
  • Calendar
  • User Comments
  • Shopping cart
  • Blogging tool
  • Photo gallery
  • Real Estate tools
  • Appointments scheduling
  • Connections with social media, e.g. Facebook
  • (There are hundreds of tools that plug into Joomla.)
  • Information. What information do your website users need and expect from you? How do you know?
  • Services. What will the website do for your website users? Will this require special programming? Can off-the-shelf products or components be used in the website?
  • Content Development. How will you create the information? How will you use the information your users send you?
  • Site Promotion. Will you use pay per click advertising? Are you planning to use outside companies to submit your site to search engines? Plan to promote your website
  • Timeline. How quickly do you want your website to be operational?
  • Contact. Who will be the main contact in your business for the website?

Chances are that the moment you released your state-of-the-art website that you realized that it was already out of date.

  • Someone released a new component or module that did something better than what you included in your design.
  • Something in your product line changed.
  • You changed some of your services.
  • Your competition made a change, and you must react.
  • (Heaven forbid) You found an error.
  • (More likely) You found something you need to improve.

The worst thing you can do is nothing.

Build your fixes and update processes into your plan.
  • Simple mistakes. Edit the article or data in the tool you're using.  That's easy enough, but do it before you lose credibility.
  • Updates. With Joomla, most of the system updates are as easy as a click of the button. But, you (or your administrator) must click the button to upgrade.
  • Tool Replacement. If you need to change out a module, it's not difficult to uninstall an old one and install a new one, but if you're dealing with a tool that manages its own set of data, you'll need to account for rebuilding your data.

Farm Service Solutions.

Farm Service Solutions
This is a small business owned by Chris Stutts specializing in sales of farm equipment.

Hickman County Public Library.

Created several years ago, I trained the library staff to operate the website and keep it current. I rarely have to do anything because they can do it all.


This is my own website displaying various wood carvings I have created over the years.

dust n shavings


Every website is unique, so there's no guaranteed price. Site development is only the beginning. A website that works for you requires attention frequently to stay updated and relevant. Staying relevant means watching the website traffic and making adjustments so that customers find what they need. Maintenance costs usually exceed the cost of development over the life of the website. Here is a rough idea of package deals.

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