Custom Packages

Very often neither the starter nor the business package will fit your needs. So, we'll work out a custom agreement. We'll work for a very low $50 per hour rate if we choose to work on your project. You'll pay a deposit up front to cover our initial out-of-pocket costs. As we build the website, you'll guide us and we'll install the custom components your site needs. We'll bill you for the costs of the components, the domain name, and the hosting contract with one of the very best web hosting companies. After the site is finished, we'll train your or your people and we'll be glad to help you keep the site updated. 

Starter Package

This is our basic, Starter Package. It's not your typical starter package for a website. It lets you build a high-powered site that will expand services as you need them. 

Who can use the Starter Website Package?

  • Small Business Owners. You want people to find you on the Internet, but you want to do most of your sales at your business.
  • Artist or Musician. You want your fans to see galleries of your work or you want fans to be able to listen to clips of music.  Maybe you want to sell some art or music in a simple, online store.

We added up all the expected costs and our commitment of time. It's a steal at an estimated starting price of $750. 

Business Package

Our Business Package is suited for more advanced situations including

  • Businesses. You may want to consider eCommerce or a shopping cart. If you're into providing services, we can connect you with specialized tools for managing and tracking services. We also can provide detailed marketing tools via Google and Facebook.
  • Non-Profit. You may be interested in a directory of services, members, and partner organizations. You may even want to manage reservations and tickets for events.
  • Government. We can install document management tools for official minutes of meetings, policies, etc. We can also establish a site where multiple offices each have their own private area to manage content.

Our estimated price of $3,000 is a good starting price, but your actual price may vary as you customize our mix of options for your needs.

This is a medium-duty website that is still agile and easy to maintain--there's just more to it. It still runs in Joomla, but we've added more extensions that more powerful business sites require. And, we beefed up the performance--you won't outgrow it. Your particular business site will have a unique combination of features.