Resources for Creating Your Home Offices

When it comes to working from home, few things can sap your productivity quite like working on the couch. The TV is right there, and those soft, soft cushions call out to you; before you know it, you’re napping while Downton Abbey drowns out the “Knock-knock-knock” of your Slack notifications. It’s just not ideal. What you need is a dedicated workspace. Investing in a good home office empowers you to do your best, stay productive, avoid stress, and nail the work-from-home flow.

 Here are some great resources you can use to ensure you make an office that looks great, functions well, and inspires you to new heights.

Furniture to Fit Your Space

There’s an ideal office design for any space.

  • If you have lots of room for your office, consider giving yourself several different workspaces to break up your day.
  • Strapped for space? You can fit an office into a dining room or even a walk-in closet.
  • If you live in a studio, use barriers to build a separation between work and home.
  • Make sure your office chair is appropriately sized and comfortable enough to use all day.

Organizational Tools

These organizational tips will help you keep your work on track.

The Power of Decor

The way you decorate your space can enhance your productivity.

  •  Many people find that their office’s design makes a big difference in their productivity.
  • Inspired by motivational phrases? Check out these prints for your wall.
  • Plants are a great way to brighten a workspace and improve air quality.

Keep in mind that the best home office is one that invites you to work and encourages focus. The details — the decoration, how you organize, your workstation — all come down to whatever works best for you. Think about the traditional offices you’ve thrived in, and use those as a jumping-off point. Soon, you’ll have a workspace that’s even more tempting than the couch.

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Photo Credit: Pexels